What You Can Expect From Focused Shockwave Therapy


When you begin the shockwave therapy, you will have 6 separate appointments lasting 15 minutes each which will occur over a 3 week period. All therapy treatments are pain-free and non-invasive in nature. The healthcare provider will apply a layer of ultrasound gel on your penis and use a handpiece that will deliver the shockwave to both the perineum and shaft of the penis.

erectionYou will not experience any adverse injury or feeling sore once treatment is conducted and you are able to enjoy your normal life after it’s all said and done. You will also love the fact that you will have no adverse health risks or significant side effects to worry about. Your outcome from the therapy can be seen shortly after a few treatments are completed and have been noted to last close to a year. Having additional therapy treatments will help maintain your effects for a longer period of time. Of course, the rate of effect will vary and could be seen after having 5 shockwave sessions. The effectiveness may even continue into a subsequent therapy session several weeks later if you decide on a second course.

You need to understand that if a case of erectile dysfunction is severe in nature, then the results may not be as good as one may think. This means the therapy is only going to be recommended for use with only moderate or mild cases. This also includes not being known if it is effective against other erectile dysfunction causes such as prostate issues.

Has Focused Shockwave Therapy Been Approved by the FDA

At the moment, focused shockwave therapy is not FDA approved in the USA due to it needing more review.

Overall Cost for Focused Shockwave Therapy

The price for focused shockwave therapy will differ in total amount and depends on where you live. However, on average the price can be at least $3,500 for 6 treatments. Sadly, having health insurance will make no difference as it is not a recognized treatment that is covered. Because of the private pay, you will need to make sure to shop around before you decide on a clinic to have your focused shockwave therapy done. You may also find many clinics offering financing.