Welcome to the Bay Area Soccer Referee Association!

This Handbook is intended to provide our membership with information and references from various sources to aid each of us as referees. We have tried to provide information that will be helpful to all levels of officials. We realize that no handbook can contain answers to all questions, but since the inception of this Handbook in 1991 we have continued to improve its content based on your requests.

Please understand that some of the information contained in this Handbook is based on our best understanding and is not considered to be an official publication representing any of the soccer organizations that we support. In the event of discrepancies between this Handbook and any of the organizations that we support, the organizations official publications take precedence.

Again this handbook has been compiled for your use. We hope you will find it helpful. Should you have suggestions on how to further improve our Handbook, please submit these suggestions for inclusion in future editions.

Menno Homburg, President – Bay Area Soccer Referee Association


This Handbook is a continuing project. Your comments on content are welcome.

1 General (Rev Jan 12, 2002)
1.1 Charter
1.2 Officers (Rev Oct 15, 2006)
1.3 Club Liaisons (Rev Nov 11, 2006)
1.4 Rules and Member Requirements
1.5 BAYSA Referee Recruitment Program
1.6 Contact Information (Rev Jun 19, 2007)

2 USSF Endorsements
2.1 Code of Ethics For Referees
2.2 The Referee Commitment
2.3 Powers and Duties of the Referee
2.4 Standards of Dress and Appearance

3 Referee Associations (Rev May 30, 2001)
3.1 Names and Insurance Availability
3.2 Registration Requirements

4 Area Soccer Leagues
4.1 Structure
4.2 Area Leagues

5 Assignment And Pay
5.1 Assignment to Games
5.2 Pay Procedures (Rev Sep 12, 2004)
5.3 Pay Scale (Rev Sep 26, 2002)

6 Playing Rules
6.1 FIFA Laws of the Game
6.2 USSF Memoranda
6.3 Advice to Referees on the Laws of the Game
6.4 BASRA Points of Emphasis
6.5 BAYSA Rules of Competition (Rev Aug 15, 2004)
6.6 BAYSA Game Report Cards (Rev Sep 12, 2004)
6.7 Inclement Weather Guidelines
6.8 BAYSA Rainouts/Field Closures (Rev Aug 15, 2004)

7 Match Mechanics (Rev Oct 18, 2000)
7.1 Game Checklist
7.2 USSF Recommended Game Mechanics
7.3 Pregame Meeting
7.4 Game Control
7.5 Guidelines for Handling Dissent
7.6 Coach and Spectator Dissent
7.7 Offensive, Insulting, or Abusive Language
7.8 Goalkeepers Rights?

8 Referee Development Program (Rev Apr 11, 2002)
8.1 Referee Progression Plan
8.2 Assessments
8.3 Personal Growth As A Referee
8.4 Youth Male and Female Referees of the Year
8.5 New Referee Support Program

9 Referee Assault and Abuse
9.1 What Referee Assault Is
9.2 What to Do?
9.3 If An Assault Occurs
9.4 USSF Referee Report

10 Referee Forms (Rev May 13, 2002)
10.1 Game Reports
10.2 Misconduct Reports
10.3 Forms (Rev Sep 12, 2004)