Referee Forms


All leagues will furnish the referee with a game report containing the players’ names and numbers. The referee will complete this report in its entirety. If any player was injured, cautioned, or sent off, copy his/her name onto your personal record of the game for future use. Report all problems encountered with coaches, fans, or players even if you did not issue a caution or send off. Report all damage to your personal equipment (flags, etc.) by persons attending the game even if it was accidental. The game report will be turned in as follows:

BAYSA – Give the completed report to the home team.

BASL – Mail the completed report to BASL.

TORSO – Give the completed report to the home team.

HWSA – Give the completed report to the home team.

EDDOA – Give the completed report to the winning team, or home team if a tie.

IAL – Give the team copy of the report to the home team, mail the top copy, and retain the referee’s copy for pay purposes.


If during the course of the game, you Cautioned or Sent Off a player, you MUST file a misconduct report. If the misconduct involved a coach, or was associated with verbal abuse or physical assault of the referee, a copy of the report must be sent to the President of BASRA. The appropriate forms are included as separate attachments to this Handbook. Copy from the Game Report – before you leave the field – the team names, date, location, division and subdivision, player’s name and number. You will need this information to complete the misconduct report. When describing the incident, be objective, list all pertinent facts but be concise. You should write the report soon after the game while the incidents are still fresh in your mind. Retain a copy of all reports for your personal records. Remember, misconduct reports must be sent within 48 hours of the game.

10.3 FORMS

Various forms are mentioned throughout this Handbook. The forms are provided as a separate attachment to this Handbook and may be copied for your use as often as needed. Copies are also available at BASRA meetings and for download on the BASRA Web Site

Most documents on this site are available for download as Microsoft Word documents and/or forms. Documents may be printed out and completed manually; forms may be completed electronically and printed or e-mailed.

The USSF Registration form may be completed and mailed to “BASRA-USSF Registration” with a $25 check made out to STSR and with proof of clinic attendance and a passing score on the test. Alternatively, the form and check may be turned in to the Instructor at the successful conclusion of the Entry Level or Recertification Clinic.

The USSF Referee Report and the USSF Supplementary Referee Report are used primarily to report referee assault or abuse, and player/coach misconduct for associations other than BAYSA. Instructions for their use are available at the STSR site.

Referee Report Word 97 (55kb)
Supplementary Report Word 97 (45kb)

The BASRA Membership Registration form is intended for new members transferring from another association. It may be completed and brought to a meeting or mailed to BASRA with the appropriate fees.

Membership Document (12k) Form (17k)

The Request for Reimbursement form should be completed by the new referee, receipts for expenses being claimed attached, as well as copies of the game stubs for the four BAYSA matches worked. The form and attachments should then be sent to BAYSA.

Request Document (26k) Form (35k)

The Player/Coach Misconduct Report is to be completed and sent to the BASRA President with a copy to the BAYSA D&P; Vice President. This form is for reporting cautions and send-offs of BAYSA players and misconduct of BAYSA coaches.

Misconduct Document (13k) Form (18k)

The Coaches Evaluation of BASRA Referees form should be given to both coaches for each game that you referee. It is to be mailed by the coach to BASRA at the address on the form. This form is our way of getting feedback from the coaches, and a way to see where we as an Association need to put more emphasis in training our referees.

Coaches Evaluation Document (17k) Form (26k)

The Referee Game Evaluation form should be filled out by the referee for each BAYSA game refereed. It is to be mailed to the address on the form. This form is for the BAYSA Coaching Committee to use in recognizing coaching problems that need to be resolved.

Game Evaluation Document (13k) Form (20k)

The Games Roster form is used for payment of regular season assignments and some tournaments in BAYSA . The form may be filled in and delivered at a meeting, or mailed to the BASRA Treasurer for payment. This also is a good form for keeping a record of the games that you officiate. It is highly recommended that you keep a record of your games even if you are not planning on upgrading.

(Note that BAYSA approved a pay increase for all matches worked September 7, 2002, or later.)

Games Roster Pre-09/07/02 Document (30k)
Games Roster Eff 09/07/02 Document (30k)

The Game Cards used for BAYSA games no longer include pay stubs. Referees will need to record the Game Number to list later on the BASRA Games Roster to be paid. As an aid in remembering this number, BASRA is making available Game Slips for Referees to use to record this information. These are not to be submitted with the Games Roster but are a handy way to record Game Numbers.

Game Slips

The BASRA meeting training sessions count toward the five hours of training needed for recertification; the session on Law changes is a requirement. Referees can track their training at each meeting using the Instruction Results Form. The top portion may be filled out electronically or manually. The Instructor for each session will initial. The form may also be used for upgrades and physicals.

Instruction Results (55kb)

The BASRA Youth Referee of the Year Nomination Form should be used to recognize outstanding achievement by our younger referees. Details on its use are in Section 8.4.

Nomination Document only (44k)