By Laws


Article I

Section 1. Any person who is of sound physical and mental health, having good habits and unquestionable honesty and integrity, shall be eligible for membership in BASRA.

Section 2. No member shall be assigned to officiate any game until all required training has been completed and examinations successfully passed, and he/she has current registration with the USSF.

Section 3. Members shall maintain their good standing as defined in the Constitution. For these purposes, acceptable activities shall be as determined by the General Membership and shall include but not be limited to BASRA Regular Meetings, BASRA Special Events, and Tournament Games assigned by BASRA appointed Assignors.

Article II

Section 1. Each Active Member shall be rated annually by the Referee Development Committee.

Section 2. Members shall not be assigned games above the level at which they have been rated except in an emergency as determined by the Assignor(s).

Section 3. Individuals transferring into BASRA from another Association shall be given an interim rating by the Referee Development Committee to be determined after a complete review of the credentials submitted by the individual applicant.

Section 4. Any member who is dissatisfied with his/her assigned rating may file a written appeal with the Board, which shall review the rating and render a determination within thirty (30) days of the appeal. The determination of the Board on such matters shall be final.

Article III
Suspension and Expulsion of Members

Section 1. Any member whose conduct is prejudicial to or reflects discredit upon BASRA, may, upon vote of the Board be suspended from membership until such time as an investigation can be completed, subsequent to which the Board will proceed with charges or dismiss the matter and reinstate the member. The aforementioned actions shall take place within fourteen (14) days of suspension.

Section 2. A member may be expelled from BASRA, suspended from membership for a fixed time period, or fined for conduct which is disgraceful or detrimental and will bring discredit to BASRA; for violation of the Constitution or these By Laws; or for failure to fulfill financial obligations to BASRA. This includes missing mandatory clinics, mandatory membership or special meetings; being out of uniform; not working a required minimum of games; or for any other reasons deemed appropriate by the membership. After charges have been brought either by a member or initiated by action of the Board, the following procedures shall be followed:


a. A hearing shall be held by the Board upon receipt of such charges. Notification of the charges will be given to the accused member in writing and an invitation to attend shall be extended. Failure to appear for the hearing may result in an adverse finding by default.

b. The Board’s findings and recommendations as to punishment, if the Board finds the accused guilty, shall be reported to BASRA at the next membership meeting in event that the accused desires to appeal the findings to the floor. In such case the accused member may address the membership if desired.

c. The membership may vote to affirm the Board’s findings and punishment recommendations, to set a lesser penalty, or to exonerate. Vote shall be by secret ballot. At least two-thirds of the eligible members present and voting shall be required for expulsion. A lesser penalty may be adjudged by a simple majority vote.


Section 3. A member who has been expelled from BASRA may petition the Board for reinstatement after six months. The Board shall consider the petition and report its recommendation to the membership at the next regularly scheduled meeting. By majority vote, the membership may reinstate the petitioner.

Article IV
Dues, Assessments and Fines

Section 1. Annual dues shall be established by the Board, which will cover the calendar year. These dues may be paid directly or will be deducted from each members game fee check(s). Dues paid after September 1 shall cover the remainder of the current year and the next calendar year unless specified otherwise at time of payment.

Section 2. Other assessments may be made upon the members upon vote by the membership when the business of BASRA requires additional funds.

Section 3. The Board may propose and the membership may establish a table of fines for missed assignments or tardiness.

Article V

Section 1. Board meetings shall be held as deemed necessary by the President or a majority vote of the Board. All members of the Board will be notified by the Secretary of such Board meetings. The minimum notification shall be seven (7) days. Committee chairmen and members and Association members may attend Board meetings only upon invitation of the Board. The Secretary shall maintain minutes of each Board meeting.

Article VI

Section 1. Voting during the election of officers and members of the Board shall be by secret ballot. However if the nominee is unopposed, he may be voted in by acclamation.

Section 2. Voting upon motions and all other matters shall be by voice vote or show of hands, except that any five active members present may request a secret ballot upon any matter. The presiding officer shall not vote unless such vote will be determinative of the issue. He/she may however vote whenever a secret ballot is required.

Section 3. Members must be present to vote. In no case shall proxies or mail-in ballots be allowed for voting purposes.

Section 4. Only Active Members in good standing, who have paid their dues by December 31 of the year prior to the vote in the General election meeting in January, shall be permitted to vote.

Article VII

Section 1. The President shall appoint at least one month prior to an annual election meeting a Nominating Committee consisting of at least three active members. This committee shall select a slate of candidates for nomination at the meeting. Nominations may also be made from the floor at the meeting; such nominations must be made and be seconded by active members other than the nominee. Nominations from the Committee or the floor will not be accepted unless the candidate accepts the nomination either in person or by proxy.

Section 2. Voting for each office shall take place immediately after the nominations for that office have been closed. Voting will take place in the order of Officers listed in Article VI of the Constitution.

Section 3. Election of the officers shall be by a majority vote of those active members present and voting. In the event that no candidate receives a majority of the votes, a run-off election shall be held immediately to include only the two candidates with the highest number of votes.

Section 4. The newly elected officers shall assume office at the next meeting.

Article VIII
Qualifications of Officers

Section 1. Only active members in good standing who have been so for the previous twelve (12) months and who have attended at least four (4) meetings in the previous twelve (12) months may be considered for nomination and election to office.

Section 2. No member shall hold elected office in BASRA and also hold elected office in any playing association.

Article IX
Duties of the President and Vice-President

Section 1. The President, and in his absence the Vice-President, shall preside at all meetings of BASRA and the Board, and if neither is present, the presiding officer shall be the next officer in line as defined by Article VI of the Constitution. The President shall conduct the business of BASRA properly in all matters and shall be a member ex officio of all committees.

Section 2. In the event of the resignation, expulsion, suspension, temporary absence, death or disability of the President, the Vice-President shall possess and exercise all duties and powers of the President until an election can be held in accordance with Article VI Section 11 of the Constitution, or until the end of the period of temporary absence or disability.

Section 3. The President shall have the authority to act in behalf of BASRA in all normal business matters requiring immediate attention, except that he may not obligate BASRA financially in excess of $400 without the approval of the Board or the membership. He shall be empowered, with the approval of the Board, to fine or suspend members for detrimental conduct or failure to abide by the Constitution or these By Laws or the resolutions of the membership; provided however that the fined or suspended member has a right of appeal to the entire membership. It shall be the obligation of the President to direct the other officers and committees in the performance of their duties to the best interests of BASRA. He/she shall also perform such other duties as are prescribed, from time to time, by BASRA.

Section 4. The President may appoint a Director of Instruction who may also serve as Chairman of the Referee Development Committee. The Director of Instruction shall prepare an annual training plan, develop a training budget, work with area Clubs to schedule and present clinics, and other duties as the President or Board may assign.

Section 5. The President will appoint a Director of Assessment who shall coordinate developmental assessments with the Chairman of the Referee Development Committee.

Article X
Duties of the Secretary

Section 1. The Secretary or in the absence of the Secretary other designee as appointed by the President shall be responsible for the organization, publication and mailing of a BASRA newsletter to provide information for and about BASRA and its members.

Section 2.The Secretary or in the absence of the Secretary other designee as appointed by the President shall be responsible for the organization and maintenance of a BASRA site on the Internet to provide information for and about BASRA and its members.

Section 3. The Secretary or in the absence of the Secretary other designee as appointed by the President shall take minutes of all Board and membership meetings. The Secretary will present the minutes to the membership for approval and acceptance.

Article XI
Duties of the Treasurer

Section 1. The Treasurer shall be responsible for all fiscal activities of BASRA and shall with the cooperation of the Assignor(s) send bills and other statements to all teams, leagues, and organizations which have been provided with officials. Such billings shall be in accordance with each organizational agreement. The Treasurer shall receive and disburse all monies on behalf of BASRA and shall maintain one or more accounts in a bank or banks selected by the Board. Such disbursements shall be made as directed by the Board, the President within the limitations of Article IX Section 3 of these By Laws, or the membership.

Section 2. The Treasurer shall make prompt payment by check or otherwise to each member to whom fees are due.

Section 3. The Board may require that the Treasurer be bonded for a sum to be determined by the Board, sufficient to protect BASRA.

Section 4. The Treasurer shall be empowered to make necessary disbursements in order to conduct the day to day affairs of BASRA business including, but not limited to, postage, office supplies, training materials, etc. He shall submit a report to BASRA at each membership meeting.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall maintain BASRA’s accounting books, records and systems. These records shall be kept in accordance with acceptable accounting practices and standards. The records are subject to audit in accordance with Article VIII Section 3 of the Constitution.

Article XII
Duties of the Assignor(s)

Section 1. Assignors shall be appointed by the President based on geographical areas of responsibility and shall serve until removed by the President and or Board. Each Assignor shall have an annual review by the Board to evaluate their performance during the previous year.

Section 2. Assignors must be registered with USSF as Assignors within one (1) year of their appointment, and shall maintain such registration during their appointment.

Section 3. The Assignors exclusively will, except in an emergency, make assignments of BASRA members to all games under the jurisdiction of BASRA.

Section 4. The Assignors will submit a complete activity report to the President no less frequently than monthly during the Fall and Spring seasons.

Section 5. In addition, the Assignors will perform other duties as are assigned by either the President or the Board.

Article XIII
The Board

Section 1. The Board shall meet upon the call of the President as provided for in Article V of these By Laws. Proceedings of the Board shall be made known to the membership during the following membership meeting. A majority of the members of the Board shall constitute a quorum for the conduct of business.

Section 2. The Board shall consider all business brought before it by the President or the membership and shall take appropriate action to discharge its duties for the best interest of BASRA. The Board shall be empowered to levy fines and/or suspend members after formal charges have been made in accordance with the procedures in Article III of these By Laws. In the event of an appeal and an overturning by the membership of the Board’s recommendations, any fine already paid will be returned and/or suspension lifted. In such case the Assignor(s) will, if at all possible, assign the member to as many desired games as possible to make up for games lost during the period of suspension.

Section 3. In matters of business where BASRA might become financially involved or indebted for non-budgeted items in a sum greater than $1,500.00, the Board will, except in emergency situations, request the authority to act from the membership before proceeding with the business.

Section 4. In any case in which a member of the Board is accused or will be a material witness for or against an accused, such Board member will be disqualified from acting as a member of the Board for the consideration of the case.

Section 5. The Board shall perform such other duties and functions as may be prescribed from time to time by the membership.

Article XIV
Referee Development Committee Functions

Section 1. The Referee Development Committee shall review all Coaches Evaluations of BASRA Referees and any other written evaluations or critiques received.

Section 2. Complaints or grievances about a referee’s performance, knowledge, or demeanor must be specific and factual in nature.

Section 3. Anyone submitting a verbal complaint or grievance will be asked to put it in writing before it can be formally considered.

Section 4. Anyone submitting a written complaint or grievance will receive acknowledgement by mail, e-mail, fax, or telephone.

Section 5. A first complaint will result in an evaluation of the referee’s known performance to-date by the Committee Chairman (Chair). Based on this evaluation, a developmental assessment may be scheduled as soon as the referee’s schedule permits. The President, Vice-President, or Chair may contact the referee to discuss the complaint.

Section 6. A second complaint (second source, same or second incident) will result in a developmental assessment being scheduled as soon as the referee’s schedule permits. The President, Vice-President, or Chair will contact the referee to discuss the complaint(s).

Section 7. A third complaint, or any complaint deemed serious enough by the President and Chair will result in a suspension of the referee until a developmental assessment can be scheduled and evaluated by the Chair.

Section 8. Results of developmental assessments will be submitted to the Chair for evaluation.

Section 9. Based on the results of the developmental assessment, the referee will be released to continue at his/her current level, released to continue at a lower level, or placed on probation and a development plan formed and agreed to with the Chair.

Section 10. The complaining party has no right to know the outcome of the Committee’s investigation.

Article XV
Game Assignments

Section 1. All members are considered as independent contractors in the performance of their duties officiating games assigned by the Assignor(s) and are not employees of BASRA.

Section 2. The assignment of members to officiate BAYSA games shall be the exclusive function of the Assignor(s). The President or anyone designated by him may make assignments in special circumstances if the Assignor(s) cannot be contacted. Members are not permitted to accept BAYSA game assignments from any other source without the direct approval of the Assignor(s) with the exception of:


1. games assigned by a BAYSA Club President and then only assignments made on Friday for the next Saturday or Sunday, or

2. games picked up at the field in the event of a “no show.”


Section 3. Any member accepting a BAYSA game assignment from any other source is subject to immediate suspension pending action by the Board.

Section 4. Members who obtain assignments as outlined in Section 2 from other than a BASRA Assignor shall notify the appropriate Assignor as soon as possible.

Section 5. Unless notified by the Assignor(s) or someone designated by him/her, members will appear at the assigned field. If the game is cancelled, the Assignor(s) will notify the official, if at all possible. Once an official leaves his home or work for the game, he will be paid, even if the game is cancelled. In the event of multiple games at a single site, the notification of cancellation of one of the games does not imply that all of the games will be cancelled.

Section 6. All officials are expected to be at the playing field fully dressed at least 30 minutes prior to the assigned game time.

Section 7. Failure of a member to appear to officiate an assigned game after receiving proper notification of the assignment shall result in a fine equal to the amount of the game fee. It is the responsibility of the other official(s) and/or coaches who are at the game site to report the absent official. The fine may be waived if in the opinion of the Board a satisfactory excuse is presented.

Section 8. Failure of an Assignor to assign a game, or if the assignment is improperly or incorrectly made through the fault of the Assignor(s), may result in a fine against the Assignor(s) in the amount of the fee for such game. The fine may be waived if in the opinion of the Board a satisfactory excuse is presented.

Section 9. In the event an official appears late for a game assignment (less than 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start), he/she may be replaced by the senior official at the site, or by another official who picks up the game. The tardy official is not entitled to the assignment and is subject to a fine as if he/she failed to appear at all (Section 7).

Section 10. No Youth member shall be assigned to officiate any game where the member is less than 2 years older than the maximum player age of either team.

Article XVI
Rules and Mechanics

Section 1. Members will apply only the FIFA Laws of the Game as adopted by USSF, and any STYSA and/or BAYSA amendments to those Laws which are not in conflict with them.

Section 2. Members are responsible for applying the STYSA and BAYSA administrative procedures as set forth in their respective handbooks.

Section 3. The mechanics established by USSF shall be used in all games, i.e., the Diagonal System of Control.

Article XVII

Section 1. The official uniform of this Association shall be as determined by the United States Soccer Federation.

Section 2. The appropriate patch must be worn on the uniform shirt as prescribed by USSF.

Section 3. The following additional equipment is recommended as a minimum for each official at each game:


a. two whistles

b. writing materials

c. red and yellow cards

d. watch (two for the Center)

e. coin

f. flags.


Section 4. A member who fails to wear the proper uniform or whose uniform is not neat and clean for his/her assignment may be fined.

Article XVIII
Detrimental Conduct

Section 1. The following examples of misconduct, among others, shall be considered as grounds for suspension or expulsion from BASRA:


a. Officiating a game or appearing at a game under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or being a spectator at any game in this condition.

b. Wagering upon a soccer match in any respect or acting as a stakeholder for a wager upon such a match.

c. Conviction of a felony, or conviction of a misdemeanor, if such may bring discredit to BASRA or to the member.

d. Failure to meet financial obligations, if such may bring discredit to BASRA or to the member.

e. Confirmed violation of the USSF Referee Code of Ethics.


Section 2. It shall be the duty of each member of BASRA who has knowledge of detrimental conduct on the part of another member, to report such conduct to the Board.

Article XIX
Salaries and Fees

Section 1. The Assignors shall be paid a rate determined by the Board per position assigned by them regardless of whether the assignment is fulfilled.

Section 2. BASRA shall receive a fee determined by the Board per position assigned regardless of whether the assignment is fulfilled. Of this, a portion of the fee as determined by the Board shall be used to reimburse the Treasurer for costs incurred and duties performed, and the remainder shall go into the BASRA treasury.

Section 3. In the event a member receives an assignment from someone other than a BASRA Assignor or officer, the assignment fee shall go into the BASRA treasury.

Section 4. No officer or member of BASRA shall receive any other salary, fee, or other compensation beyond reimbursement for costs incurred in the performance of duties or tasks for BASRA.

Article XX
Order of Business

Section 1. The order of business at all meetings shall be as follows:


1. Call to order

2. Approval of the minutes of previous meeting

3. Old business

4. New business

5. Announcements

6. Officers’ reports (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer)

7. Training report

8. Assessment report

9. Game situations

10. In-Service Training

11. Adjournment.


Section 2. Any portion of the order of business may be waived or changed as necessary.